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If you are looking for a Great Moving Company that takes extreme pride in everything they do, then look no further than Rescue Movers 911!

We offer “Binding Flat Rates” (Exact Pricing) for ALL of our Moving Operations, as well as “Binding Flat Rates” for our Packing Services. We DO NOT hide / add any hidden taxes, fees or charges when we give a “Binding Flat Rate”.


We DO NOT CHARGE for “Drive-times” to / from any of our locations when moving local. The “Binding Flat Rate” will not change, no matter how long the move takes to complete safely.

We take EVERY MEASURE possible to make sure everyone is safe & our clients properties / belongings are completely protected & safe as well. We don’t make promises we can’t keep, but we will do our absolute best to keep EVERY CLIENT as happy and stress-free as we humanly can.

Many of our competitors are proficient in many aspects of moving safely, but few are all-inclusively proficient & completely open / honest! Give us a shot! You will not be disappointed! :-)

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